Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS)

CEMS Program Management

Insight is dedicated to providing quality, on-time and professional Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) services. We are equipped to handle all of your program-management needs from applicability determination to report generation, and from data administration to QA and QC protocols. We can provide daily CEMS maintenance and visits to weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual maintenance visits.

CEMS Monitoring

Insight offers a variety of air emissions monitoring and CEMS services designed to assist clients in meeting their corporate, federal, state, and local environmental goals.

Our services have been utilized by clients to determine possible over-reporting of air emissions, resulting in large amounts of savings in emissions allowance trading programs and add-on emissions controls.

Insight’s CEMS services include:

  • Compiling data from the daily validations and calibrating when drifting out of spec
  • Maintaining gas cylinder supplies for daily validations (daily calibration audits)
  • Preventative maintenance on GC’s (gas chromatographs) and CGA (continuous gas analyzers)
  • Performing tests such as CGA’s (cylinder gas audits), stack testing and assist with RATA’s (relative accuracy test audits)
  • Maintain atmospheric monitoring (LEL , H2s, O2 deficiency, CO) and process analyzers
  • Quarterly gas audits
  • Compiling data for submission to federal, state, and local agencies

Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS)
Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS)


QA/QC programs are an intricate part of the operation of a CEMS program. QA/QC procedures and documentation can be utilized as a key tool in troubleshooting and data trending, many times aiding in the prevention of equipment malfunction.

Our QA/QC program provides our clients with the comfort of knowing their CEMS will be well maintained to assure they pass their compliance audits each calendar quarter.

Our personnel can meet with corporate and site officials and can review historical data to determine what type of QA/QC program would be most beneficial to your facility.