Insight Environmental Optical Gas Imaging

We are excited to offer Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) services. Across all industries, these technologically advanced cameras are producing clear benefits: substantial increases in worker safety, cost savings, and enhanced product/process quality.

When a properly operated and maintained infrared camera services is used, maintenance engineers are able to obtain the clearest picture possible while ensuring personnel safety.

Our OGI offerings include:

  • Oil Refining
  • Petrochemical Industries
  • Identification of Leak Locations
  • Electric Power Production
  • Improving Plant Start-Up/Shut Down Process and Safety
  • Natural Gas Production
  • LDAR Services
  • Compliance with Government Regulations
  • Identification of Corrosion Under Insulation
  • Improving Lost Product Cases
  • GHG Subpart W Monitoring
  • Tank Inspection

Our OGI technicians are certified from the Infrared Training Center to ensure they are capable and qualified to meet any of your demands.