Insight is excited to offer advanced drone technology for all of your industry needs. Cost savings, increased safety, enhanced data quality and customizable equipment specified to meet your unique needs make Insight ready to carry out your next imaging operation.

Our FAA licensed UAV pilots are experienced in the field with hundreds of flights hours and 15+ years of environmental consulting experience, giving you the subject matter expertise you require at your facility.

Transmission and Distribution

Traditional asset inspection methods are inefficient and lack quality data. Let us show you how we can inspect your systems in a fraction of the time, all while documenting and grading your assets with the V.O.L.T. system.

Oil & Gas

It’s time to start thinking beyond the obvious LDAR/OGI use cases. Pre-shutdown flare tip inspections, post-natural disaster property assessment, fence line monitoring, and emergency response mapping are just some of the ways these powerful tools can save your facility money.


Our customized drone technology gathers crop data across all seasons, producing better crop rotation, planting, and fertilization strategies for growers. Protect crops with better data, less waste, lower cost, and increased revenue.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Insight Environmental
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Insight Environmental


Drone systems are a vital tool in open-cast mining operations. Obtain high-definition 3D maps with volumetric analysis. Cut costs and improve accuracy through drone camera and LIDAR technology.


Overhead maps and orthomosaics are important security tools. Visualizing your land and property can help to establish perimeters and help identify “at-risk” security areas. Protect your property, equipment, and herds by developing an emergency preparedness plan from theft, flooding, tornadoes, and other forces of nature. Make sure your resources are documented and protected.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Insight Environmental


Time is money on the job site. Our UAVs and imaging software can survey project and development sites more quickly than traditional terrestrial survey methods. Use site mosaics and aerial cartography readings to dial-in your next construction project, or use our CAD compatible imaging software to map and model existing structures.

Inventory & Resource Management

UAVs provide real-time data and information for quick decision-making related to asset management, productivity assessment, and yield. Aerial photos and camera footage can also help with resource management and equipment allocation. Data provided from stills and video footage can help in many areas, like large-scale herd estimates, fleet vehicle management, and equipment inventory.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Insight Environmental


Cut costs and prevent traditional GPS inaccuracies by using mapping drones. Drones provide the high level flexibility, mobility, and cost savings that mapping projects need, while large areas are covered in minimal time.

Our Fleet

DJI Matrice 600 Pro


Redundancy, reliability, and adaptability are the cornerstones of the M600. Whether it’s carrying OGI/Thermal, LIDAR, or high-powered cameras, this platform is ideal for missions in critical areas of the energy sector. Trust us and the M600 at your facility.

DJI Matrice 210

As inspections get more complex, our platforms need to keep up and that’s why we fly the M210. With the ability to fly our thermal and visual sensors in three different payload configurations (dual, single, or single on the top), this UAV provides us with the flexibility our clients demand. Whether it’s emergency response, search and rescue, electrical transmission/distribution, or asset inspection, we are ready to capture actionable data that counts.

DJI Matrice 100

DJI Matrice 100

Built for the developer, the Matrice 100 has been designed to be a customizable platform able to respond to a multitude of projects and conditions. A rugged and stable airframe gives this UAV the ability to not only shoot 4k video and high resolution images, but also carry the FLIR VUE line of thermal sensors. And when mapping conditions are tough, the Matrice 100 can stay in the air for 40+ minutes with its dual battery design.

eBee AG

eBee AG

The eBee AG drone is built to meet all of your agricultural data gathering needs. With five camera options, user-friendly automated flight planning, advanced artificial intelligence and real-time in-flight monitoring, this reliable agriculture drone is hard to beat. The eBee’s Terra 3D software quickly generates customizable NDVI formulas to create maps, false-color orthomosaics and 3D models of your crops to produce your most profitable yields.

Altura Zenith

Altura Zenith - Insight Environmental

Built with redundancy in mind with triple comms and eight (8) motors, this platform continues to provide a stable platform for a variety of sensors. Outfitted with a Sony A6300 camera and 105mm lens, the Zenith can inspect mission critical assets in the most sensitive of areas.

Helios 150

Helios 150

The Helios 150 was created through a collaboration between Insight Environmental and the University of Minnesota, Duluth. It is the ideal drone for confined space investigations as it operates without the aid of GPS signals or compass data. Primarily designed to fly within pulp digesters used in paper product manufacturing, the Helios 150 operates above the 120-degree limit of most UAVs and is tethered for emergency evacuations.